Rest in His Presence, Soak in His Word
Scriptures to draw you into God's sweet presence
* Voiceover by Kierra Blaser *
"Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light."
Let's be honest....
Life with a baby is wonderful and precious, but also exhausting and difficult.

If you’re like most of us new moms, you’re probably feeling:
- Frustrated that you can’t find the time to connect with God like you used to
- Hungry for His friendship, wisdom, joy, and peace
- Thirsty for time to soak in His word, His truth, and His presence
But how do we make it happen? How do we create the time for it?

Well, what if we could listen to the Word throughout the day? 

What if we could soak in God’s beautiful truths while we nursed for hours each day?

Nursing time? We’ve got lots of that, right?

Or what if we could fall asleep to peaceful scriptures so that even when our eyes won’t stay open, we can still absorb God’s life-changing truths? 

What? Not have to keep my eyes open? I’m up for that!

And what if we could play them while we sleep so that while our minds and bodies rest, our spirits continue to receive revelation and truth from God!

And what if we could play those same scriptures in our babies’ rooms while they slept? So that their precious little spirits get grounded in the beautiful promises of God at an early age!

I think all of us as moms long for our kids to develop an intimate relationship with God at an early age. To know Him, to trust Him, to be grounded in His word, to know His faithfulness, and to stand on His promises. 

When our son was little, a lady approached us at church and said, 

“This baby is going to have such a special relationship with God. And it’s important that you help foster that as his parents. The Lord wants you to start playing scriptures in his room at night while he sleeps. From a young age, these scriptures are going to soak into his spirit and be a firm foundation for him. He will grow up knowing and loving the Word of God.”

Wow! Don’t we all want that for our kids?

So I searched online for peaceful scriptures to play in his room, but I couldn’t find any. 

So that dilemma, coupled with my own needs as a mom to connect with God and His Word, led me to create this CD!

Encouraging Scriptures with peaceful music to refresh both my spirit and my baby’s! A Mommy-Baby Soaking Album!

I love this album! I love falling into bed at night and putting it on. No more guilt or frustration that I couldn’t find time during the day. 

And if I can’t keep my eyes open, no problem! I can close them and rest as I let His Word wash over my heart and mind; clearing the cobwebs from the day and realigning me with truth and His heart.

I now fall asleep connecting with Him each night. And I know that my Spirit continues to receive while I sleep.

I love that!

And as for my baby? I love putting the CD on while he sleeps. I feel so great knowing that his little spirit is receiving such life and truth at an early age.  

I love that if he’s struggling to sleep and none of the sleep training methods are working, I can put on the “Sleep Well Beloved” track and trust God to help him sleep.

And if he’s sick and I’ve done all I can do, I can still put on the "Health" track in his room! There’s so much life in it!

This album has brought so much hope and peace into my journey of mommyhood – a journey that can feel crazy and overwhelming at times. It’s reconnected me to God and his promises! And it’s a tool that’s helped me love my baby well, love myself well, and love God well. 

And I’m so excited to be able to make it available to you now!!! I pray it blesses your journey of motherhood as much as it’s blessed mine.

Here’s what’s on it:
Mommy-Baby Soaking Album
Scriptures to draw you into His sweet presence 
The Mommy-Baby Soaking Album includes 39 minutes of spoken word over relaxing background music. Tracks include:
1. Sleep Well Beloved – Scriptures to help you and baby sleep peacefully! 

2. With Love, From Papa – Words spoken directly to you from your loving Father 

3. Who God Is – Scriptures to remind you who our amazing God is!

4. Who I Am – Scriptures to remind you who YOU are. You are amazing and so loved!

5. I Seek You Lord – Scriptures to encourage you to seek and trust the Lord with all your heart.

6. Be Encouraged Dear Heart – Truths and promises to encourage the deep places of your heart!

7. Health – Scriptures about the health and healing Jesus brings! (Great ones to play when you or baby need healing).

8. Love – Scriptures to encourage your heart to love well. (A great one for siblings who need their hearts filled with an extra measure of love for each other ☺). 

9. Prayers for You – Life-changing prayers for you!
When you purchase the album, you’ll receive a link to download the album's mp3’s instantly to your phone, computer, ipod, etc. You and baby can start enjoying them immediately!

The album is only $9, but the impact for you and your baby is priceless!

Plus we're throwing in a BONUS when you purchase now:
Free PDF of all the scriptures from the CD so you can refer back and find the ones that are impacting your heart. Write them on an index card, your mirror, or your fridge so you can see them throughout the day!
Enjoy God’s sweet presence and words to you even when your baby and exhaustion take up the whole day
Reconnect with God’s truth, promises, and heart for you in this season of mommyhood
Let your spirit be refreshed by His life-giving Word while you nurse, cuddle, and even sleep.

"I love this Soaking CD! Prekids I loved time with the Lord in the morning but post kids I have had a hard time waking up before them. I put this CD on this morning and it really blessed me. Making the kids breakfast while doing last nights dinner dishes and holding a child needing my attention started to feel a little chaotic but I started listening to this CD and my Spirit started to feel refreshed and my perspective began to change. So thankful for a relaxing CD that focuses on Scripture in the midst of this season."

- Tiffany (Mom of 2)
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